Friday, June 26, 2009

Rudy too

Rudy is sitting on my lap as I type and wanted some updated pics of him too. Hi there!

He graduated (though I didn't think he would make it) from intermediate doggy class.

And it's such a shame that he just can't get comfortable in my bed - ha!

This is really the second post of the night (read on)... just had to put some of Rudy in too. (Can't post close ups of Jade - just come meet her!


Well a little about my dear Jade. She is just a jewel as her namesake. I love to see her smile which she does so easily - and her giggles are precious music. She has sooo much energy that I would love to bottle up. She is loving going to church and learning about God both from there and from myself.

Everyday she is supposed to look for and find someone to pray for. It's been neat to see her pray for her friends and others. (Two streets over there is a sign that says deaf child and she stated, "I know who I am going to pray for - the deaf child!")

God has called me into in interesting and fun journey with becoming a foster parent. Jade came to stay with me on June 2 and it's been exciting and yet frustrating at times. She is such a wonderful young lady who touches me daily. So why do I say frustrating? Well, I now understanding when amazing parents doubt whether they are doing a good job. I am constantly feeling that way. I got the care thing know: the feeding, clothing, and keeping her safe. It's the molding/ training her up in the way of Christ that I constantly feel that I am not doing enough. Every night before bed I read to her - first a novel and then from the Bible. It's been an honor and joy to teach her about God and she is learning sooo much. I just wonder if it's enough and am I doing it right.
At church, my pastor states that he wants to live in such a way that if God doesn't show up, that he's done for. When I heard that it became my heart and I desired to be in that place. I sooo feel that I am there now though it's a scary place but also a safe place - right where God wants me. All that to say, I know it's frustrating but I also know that God is going to help me. I need to trust that and live it daily.
If you come across this - please say a prayer for me: that I stay in the center of God's will and at the same time not royally mess up this sweet child placed in my care. ha!

** Update: Danielle and Hailey never came to live with me - they were placed in a different home. Just not God's timing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Journey

Well my new journey of fostering has begun. On Feb 5, 2009 I received my foster license. Shortly after wards the first set of kids arrived. Three year old Micheal and his 7 y/o brother Derek came for a weekend for shelter status. They were a lot of fun but gosh a lot of work, especially the 3 y/o. Yet, it was definitely a confirmation that is something that God wants me to do.
Easter weekend, 5 y/o Lily stayed with me as a respite stay for 4 nights. She was a lot of fun and we did some fun activities like an Easter carnival, going to the beach to see a sunset and play in the sand (no sunset but the sand and water was fun), dying Easter eggs, making a bunny cake, and participating in 3 egg hunts at church.

And now.... God is placing two little girls in my care tomorrow afternoon.They will be with me anywhere from a month to like 2 years. They are 7 and 8 and are just adorable. I was emailed pics of them and they are cute as a button. I had been saying that I only wanted to take care of one child for a while - until I learn to deal with DCF and being a mom. However, I think God had other plans and things He wanted to teach me. This last weekend at church my pastor Todd said something that God really convicted me about. He stated that I need to live in such a way that if God doesn't show up I'm done. I know that I don't live with that faith but I so want that kind of deep faith. I started praying that I would get there and well I think this is His way of teaching me it. I, in my mind, thought I could only handle one child- but that doesn't keep me totally, absolutely relying on Him. Now I am going to have to and I know that He is going to show up and be with me and help me. Being in the center of His will is such a safe place to be and I am excited to walk there.

Tomorrow Danielle and Hailey arrive. I am excited and scared. It's going to be a great ride. Let's get started!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New pictures

Here are some new pics of my baby boy, of my bowlegged baby boy as I affectionately call him now (though you can't see that in these pics.) Actually it's really funny how he will sit and just looks bow legged.

I love this pic as this is how my sweet boy will look at me (and yes he melts my heart - Look at those eyes!). He is just a lover - I woke up in the middle of the night today (ok well he woke me up) and he cuddled with me and wanted to be talked to. So sweet.

Toys - Boy does he love them. As mentioned, he has a ton of them yeah he is spoiled) and he plays with just about all of them. This is a new toy I gave him (to keep him occupied while I worked on the computer). He loves it! He especially loves it when they squeak and he knows how to make every one of them squeak, over and over and over. And he loves to play fetch. He will bring it back to me over and over and over again. I bet I have sat and thrown his toy 30 times in a row and he still wants more. I tire out long before he does! Love it!

Oh - he is teething and I find little teeth everywhere - it's hilarious! (Yeah, I was actually going to take a pic of one and post it but I thought I would spare you.)

Lessons from Rudy: Was thinking as I was cuddling with Rudy in the middle of the night, "Boy I love this dog. Guess this is how a mom loves her child - with such a deep love." (Though I am guessing its a little deeper and stronger.) Even though he frustrates me to death sometimes, I sure love him. Then I began thinking - this must be how God loves me (and so much more) - deeply, tenderly, unconditionally,with great strength. Even though I probably frustrate Him ever so much at times, He still just loves me and probably has soooo much more patience with me than I do with Rudy. Thank you, God.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I am loving right now...

Well I am joining in with everyone else and doing the list of things I loving right now. Since this is my first posting of this, I give myself free rain to list anything!

1. Rudy - You know there is just something about that puppy smell and puppy hiccups. He has been so fun and has helped my heart heal from losing Remi. Plus he is just so darn cute! I just can't stop buying him toys - he could be up to like 20+ he is currently playing with, with about 20+ waiting for him!

2. Reading my Bible - Spending time reading this precious book and hearing fresh from God has been sweet. I learn new things each time I read.

3. Suisse Mocha - Ok, it is just stinking cold outside right now and on days like this I just love a cup of Suisse Mocha. It's a splash of coffee flavoring amidst a lot of chocolate flavoring. Yum. It's also been great to take to church to help warm up between services.

4. Summit - Speaking of church, I am so enjoying the privilege of attending an amazing church with amazing leaders. I have never been so challenged by a church weekly like I am at Summit. God is truly moving and changing lives there. It has been a blessing to go there. I help out in the sound booth, doing Media shout where I control all that goes on the screens during the service (words to the songs, videos, etc.) and I have gotten to know the pastors some. That also has been neat to meet these amazing men and their families - men that are just ordinary guys seeking God with all their heart. Great examples! Go check out their web site:

5. Gulf Coast Town Center and Coconut Point Mall - Yeah, shopping centers! Two of them! and so close to my house. For the longest time I had to go all the way up to Edison Mall but no longer!

6. My job and my class - I know I mentioned it in earlier posts, but I am just so grateful for my job. I enjoy teaching daily, touching and changing lives, plus having a 2-week Christmas vacation rocks! I am very blessed with 19 wonderful children who come to school ready to learn and are so well behaved.

7. Facebook - It's so fun to take a little glimpse into people's lives and what they are up to. I have gotten in touch with people I haven't talked to in years and literally decades. Seeing pictures of old and new friends has been great. And the status updates just crack me up.

8. Reading - I just love novels - I get lost in them. Recently I finished The Shack, which was a great book. I am now reading the new David Baldacci novel. I can sit for hours and read.

9. Sunsets - They are my favorite, anytime of the year and anywhere. I love the pic at the top of my blog - that was in Africa. This one was in Hawaii.

10. Swimming at LA Fitness - Not sure if I am technically "loving" swimming as it is exercise and I would much rather be sitting on my couch, but when I go I am enjoying it. I never knew how incredibly hard swimming laps was! oh my! But I have a goal each time I go and almost always meet it and sometimes pass it!

11. Fresh squeezed OJ - Mom gave me a ton of my favorite, honeybell oranges, and I have been squeezing them every morning (and some evenings). Gosh is it good!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Puppy graduation!

He did it! Rudy graduated from puppy class! We took an 8 week puppy training at Pet Smart and tonight was graduation.
Oh was it fun. First, he had to show off all that he knows:
There were a total of seven commands:

Leave it.
Walking on a leash.

He also did an eighth command - he was real good at: shake!
After all four dogs showed off their amazing knowledge - of course Rudy did the best (not that I am partial or anything), all the dogs got their graduation certificate. Each dog was called up to the "stage" (the chair I am sitting in the first picture), had a cap put on, congratulated by the teacher, and then given their certificate. While this was going on she had Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background. It was an absolute hoot!

Lisa came out to watch him graduate and graciously took pictures too. She even got him a graduation present! Thanks Lisa for coming - I appreciate it!

Next - intermediate class here we come!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Poor guy!

Yesterday it was time to take Rudy to get neutered. So Lisa, her girls, and I hopped in the car at 6 AM (yes, me on the road at 6 AM on vacation!) and drove over to Miami. Here you can see poor pathetic Rudy when he got home - drugged and with a collar.

Rudy has to wear the collar for at least a week so he doesn't lick and open up the cut. And I have to keep the two dogs, who love to play together, separate. He is doing better with the collar but he doesn't like it. At first, he had such a hard time, especially smelling the grass outside as it kept getting stuck in the grass and he had to back up to get unstuck.

Here's a picture of Lisa and her girls, Madeline and Katie. After we dropped Rudy off, we walked the beach for a short while and then went to Sawgrass Mills and did some shopping. It was such a fun day! (Just don't ask Rudy if he had fun!)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Posts galore!

I know - I was sooo far behind in posting on here. I had many ideas and knew what I wanted to post - I just never got around to it. So here are several posts that I have been meaning to post for the last month and half. Enjoy...

And then there was 2.... maybe....

Yep, I did it. I decided I wanted a second dog. My mom found Toby in Lake Placid. He is a beautiful, 10 month old yorkie. Rudy and Toby get along sooo well. They just love to play together. It is a hoot to watch them chase each other and tumble - or as I call it have wrestle mania (there are many rounds each day). As you can see in the picture, they get along so well they can eat off the same plate.

They try to get the same toy from each other (even though there are about 20 toys to choose from).

And then they collapse and sleep peacefully...

However, I have come to realize that I don't know if I am a 2 dog person and I have placed an ad in the paper to sell Toby. He is a good dog and they play so well together that I wasn't sure at first. I know Rudy is going to miss Toby but I think it will be better. If he doesn't sell then, I guess I will become a 2 dog person!

Jesus's birthday!

Last week was Christmas - Jesus birthday! I always stand amazed that God loved us - me - so much that He would actually leave Heaven to come to Earth just so I can be with Him forever. He didn't have to do it, but He did just because of His love for us. Thank you!!